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engine cradle parts, need help

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  • engine cradle parts, need help

    i may need to replace my lower engine cradle due to a bad kickstand mount and kickstand. can i remove this part if i brace up the motor? and will an older engine cradle (earlier than 97) mount up to a 98+? i need to know asap, as i need to fix this soon
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    ok im tlaking about a pre 98 so im assuming htey may bet the same, you can change the kick stand mount but if i were you i would put a floor jack under the motor with POSITIVE pressure on the motor to support it because from what i cna rmember that is a spot were the motor ties to the rest of the bike


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      You may beable to take out the top engine mount (below the battery, and put something through there to hold the engine up, but you would also need to brace the engine at the front as well.
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        Wake up you old post !
        No one answered for certain if the engine cradles are interchangable.
        I have a 96 Kat 600cc and another engine from a 2001 Kat 600cc and the cradle is still attached. Am I going to have to switch the cradles before I install ?
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          It takes 5 seconds to change them. Just swap the cradles.

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