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    HEyHey!! New to the forum but have been reading lots of good info for a while... I have a 97 600 just got it 3 weeks ago it ran great for the first 4 days then on that forth day i went on not a long ride but a good hour or so on the highway and had to see how fast it could go.. after that day it started to not run that great. the first sign was it was stumbling kinda bad then it this last week it has been horible not realy even in ridding condition. I replaced the plugs and that was a no go so I took off the cabs. When I removed the air box it dumped gas all over me so I new that it had to be a stuck float. I gutted the carbs and used a can of carb cleaner for every 2 carbs. Took off the petcock clean it up put it all back together and it ran GREAT! for two days but when I went to start it to come home from work it back fired a couple times was hard to start and the whole way home I could smell it running way rich. The only thing I can think of now is maybe the o rings that are on the float assembly. Any help would be great!!!

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    sounds like bad gas, but as always there has to be more info.
    Many questions to figure out what the issue is. like mileage, time it sat before you bought it, how fresh is the gas, can you tell if the gas tank has any dirt in it, etc. etc.
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    Who knows what is next?
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    Please look at this build!


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      Sounds like the float assembly o-rings need replacing to me. Common problem and easy fix.
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        Definitely put in fresh gas with a new fuel filter, that will eliminate the gas as a cause.


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          It hasn't sat for long at all and it reeds 10K and some change. The tank that's in it now shouldn't have any probs. I clean the tank out "the old school way" and have put on two inline filters... one for each line. When I went out this morning to hope that it magically fixed it self I took the plug off the air box drain and it was plum full of gas again and now its blowing white smoke... not allot but to much. I know that I need to change my oil b/c of what I have read for when gas makes its way in through the engine so could that be why its blowing smoke?
          Thanks for the replys!


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            So does any one els have any ideas to what it could be??? Or should i just give the orings oin the float a try??