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84 Honda Vf700 Magna

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  • 84 Honda Vf700 Magna

    My Dad bought a this 84 Honda Magna for real cheap. It runs but once under a load the bike will die. What could be the problem with this? Also the headlight works and then it does not work. Do you think it is a wiring issue or the buld shorting out in the socket? The buld in this bike is a H4 just like what we use. So any and all help is appreciated.

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    Gee High it's like 20 years old..
    Could be anything..

    How do you mean "load"??
    Like it idles but once you get going it dies?
    I remember Cyber saying Honda had crappy wireing..
    Corroded connectors?
    I could be all in the same connector..
    The igntion switch controls the engine and lights..


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      I would guess wiring issues as well. if ya want I can give you a hand with the diagnosis/repair. granted, I don't know alot about bikes but am mechanically inclined.


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        BP and KB thanks for the replys. KB I have a disc that has the part numbers and diagrhams on it. My dad fools with bikes all the time. He likes to tinker with stuff. I am just trying to get him some more information on all of. KB I think we could take you up on the offer. What might you be doing this weekend? Might have to take a ride over to my parents house and see what we can fix or mess up.


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          I had a shadow 700 of the same era back when...

          Probably corrosion or debris build-up in the high-/lo-beam switch. Disassemble the switch, clean it out well with Q-Tips, electrical cleaner, contact paper if necessary. Check the solder connections, resolder if necessary. Pack with a ton of dielectric grease and put it back together.

          Wiring in general:
          Yes, this was the 2-1/2 year time period that Honda used biodegradable wiring insulation. In some climates it becomes a nightmare (lots of UV exposure and high humidity will break down the wiring). Rewiring the bike isn't too complicated if you strip down all the excess stuff (tank, seat, etc) and have a ton of wire available.

          Bike dying under load could be one of a few different issues:
          (A) fuel/spark: fouled plugs (just like a Kat), fuel-air mix borderline (this is a big issue for the rear cylinder since it gets much hotter than the front one, by virtue of not being in the wind);
          (B) Electrical gremlins: bad/dirty/corroded connections at the coils, at the ignitor or CPU, loose terminal at the battery, or a sporotic short-to-ground elsewhere (such as in the headlight circuit) will also cause it. I'd suggest wiring in a voltage gauge or strapping a multimeter to the handlebars for a day or two while riding to rule this in/out.

          Good Luck!
          =-= The CyberPoet
          Remember The CyberPoet


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            Thanks for the reply Cyber. I just needed a starting point. I told my dad to look at the headlight where the bulb plugs in to see if it had rust and stuff on it. He also thought it could be the regulator could be part of the problem.