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New trick to mount airbox??

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  • New trick to mount airbox??

    I pulled my carbs last night to check the bowls for trash, adjust the A/F screws and synch them. The air box was giving me fits!! It did not want to go back on the carbs. After I threw the airbox into the yard and counted to ten, I looked at the situation from a new angle. I pulled the carbs back off, mounted the airbox to the carbs and then mounted the carbs back to the motor. DONE!! Why have I not thought of doing that before? I left the throttle cable hooked up from synching them, just unhooked the choke cable. I couldn't believe how easy it actually was like that. It only took me about 15 minutes to mount everything back together once I got the carbs back off. And that was with the fairings loose, but still on the bike!!

    Is there anything I missed that makes doing that way a bad idea?



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    Yeah, you missed all the hairpulling, knuckle scraping, cursing, throwing of tools and general PITA that comes with trying to put that friggen airbox back on afterwards

    Good post as others have had to find out the hard way!!!

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      I found the airbox wasn't that hard (at least on the 98+ models) if you bolt the airbox down first, and then finish slipping the rubber velocity sleeves over the carbs. With the airbox mounted in place, the sleeves wanted to slip all the way down -- something that couldn't be said when the airbox was still just sitting behind the carbs.

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        That's why I'm sticking with my K&N's , they're a BREEZE to put back on ! I tried to mount a stock airbox , but after wrestling with it for days (that's how it seemed , anyway) , I gave up .
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          Been doing it that way for a year or so........... I always leave the air box on the carbs.............

 didn't learn that up here di you? 8)
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            Can you say "POD'S", that is what your were really thinking when you threw the airbox. On pre 98's you have to put the airbox on the carbs before installing or you will spend money and another 2 hours trying to stuff the carbs in. If you want to put a exhaust system on the pod's are the way to go.
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