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head/ engine removal 1998 katana

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  • head/ engine removal 1998 katana

    I own a 1998 katana I am wondering on how to remove the head or drop the engine out. gas tank, and carbs are arlready removed. thanks

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    Tehre are 2 motor mounts taht you need to remove near the rear of the engine. One is under the eninge (kinda behind the kickstand area), the other is above the engine, but below the battery.

    Remove those.

    Next, there are 4 bolts in the back (again, next to the kick stand area and on the opposite side) that are the bottom of the frame, remove the 2 closest to the front wheel, just loosen the rear 2. This willa ct as a hinge so you can drop the engine, and easily lift it back into place. Ont he kickstand side, you may need to remove the fairing mount.

    Now, on the front of the engine (after you remove the oil cooler) there are 4 bolts taht are holding the engine frame to the bike frame. Remove those, with teh engine braced with a jack or something. Yes, you can leave the header on, but you may want to take that off as well for more room. Also, you may want to take the front fender and wheel off for more room. Now, after removing all those bolts, the engine will hinge out and down, and you can pull the valve cover and the head. Just remember to keep that cam chain tight so it doesn't come off the bottom sprocket!!! or else you will have alot of work ahead of you to put it back on!!!!

    To put it back, repeat. You may only want to put 2 of the front bolts back in, then the main engine mounts (the first 2 long bolts you removed, don't for get the spacer on the top), then proceed with the other 2 bolts for the front, then the rear bolts (near the kickstand). Also, if the front is having a tough time lining up, you may need to use a rachet strap to bring the frame together a bit so it will all line up. We had to do taht a few times.

    Good luck! And sorry I don't have pice. We plan on taking some though next time we drop my engine. (we have to drop mine every time we do a valve adjustment because teh gixxer 1100 head is so much higher)
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