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Idle is alittle higher than normal...

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  • Idle is alittle higher than normal...

    Ever since I had the carbs cleaned and the plugs replaced..instead of my Kat idleing at's been at about 1300 at an idle. I just assumed maybe the carbs were that bad that it was chokin itself done alittle before, and now that they are clean, with new plugs, it generally idle's higher ? It never shut off on me or anything before so that wasnt a problem. And adjusting the idle is no big deal of course, but just thought I'd ask if I should adjust it down, or just leave it as is.

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    Mine idles around that all the time. It has been jetted and stuff. It says in my manual that the idle is around 1100 anyway. So +or- 100 I really wouldn't worry about it unless it is bothering you. I have tried idling mine down but it ran like crap. So I just leave it alone. Over the winter it is getting the carbs cleaned, new jets and sync. Anything else I can come up with that the wife will let me get away with...


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      yeah i dont think im gonna sweat it too much, she runs great, and plus with the choke cable fixed as well, its even better....

      thanks High!!!