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  • Exhaust question

    I was gettting reaady to ride over to jimmies this evening when I noticed I had an exhaust leak between the midpipe and header. when I got to jimmies we tried to tighten it but it didn't work. so I rode up to the local auto parts store and bought some high temp sealant. I pulled the exhaust, applied the sealant and the leak is gone and the bike is much quieter. my question is when I pulled the exhaust I could hear something rattling around in the can. any ideas? could it be a loose baffle or something?

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    if its in the can it prob is a piece of baffle but if its in the pipe its prob weld slag


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      If the can is the OEM can, then it's a loose baffle or more likely a baffle someone intentionally tried to core out that subsequently came loose. The OEM can is welded and does not use glass matting nor other replaceable materials to dampen the noise.

      If it's an aftermarket can, then the rattling is almost assuredly the glass matting or other sound-deadening insulation used in the can. All aftermarkets cans are designed to be repacked every couple years (search the web for good instructions -- I think has a good how-to).

      Finally, if the OEM header was ever jet-coated (ceramic coated), then the post-coating beads used to polish up the header could have gotten trapped in the screen in the collector, subsequently come loose again and blown back into the muffler. If so, you need new muffler bearings! (just teasing on that last sentence).

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        if its in the can...then you are in prison!
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