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Half a tank gone on the new bike and it wasnt from riding :(

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  • Half a tank gone on the new bike and it wasnt from riding :(

    Well last night i got to ride my new bike for thr first time and I was impressed as I posted elsewhere on the forums.

    However by the time I got back to near my house after my second ride I smelled gas and then the bike dropped off rpm.

    I look down and gas was everywhere.
    It was only a matter of time before I dumped a half a tank.
    I thought carbs at first and was thinkin damn damn damn.

    I went to bed pissed and woke up with a clear head, decided to take a peak and one of the brass fittings pulled right out of the petcock.

    Well shit the bed Ill be damned. Guess I need a new one.

    Called the previous owner and he was totally cool about it and is going to honor the lemon law type thing and paypal me the cash for it, how cool is that.

    Well Id do the same if it happened to someone after only owning my bike for a few hours.

    Guess maybe now is a good time to start cleaning the bike up and modding it.

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    Nice to hear you got that resolved. Leaking fuel like that could have turned into a nasty situation. Good luck with the mods.


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      Yeah the bike was all nice and hot after a 20 minute ride so Im surprise nuthing went up.

      Would have sucked.

      I threw some JB weld on the brass fitting until my petcock arrives.

      tested on prime for 20 minutes with no leaks yet so looks good to go.

      Should at least hold until I get my petcock.


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        Those things DO just pop out , and can just be popped right bak in . I do it all the time .
        I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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          JB weld is holdin up good


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            that's nut5hin! i had the aftermarket IMS tank (7gal) on my KLR split on me... didn't realize what had happened until i was topping off on the way to work. i lost more gas than the Katana tank holds, leaking all over the bike and hte ground... fortunately; 1 i called the boss and he was understanding about the reason for my delayed appeerance at work, 2. only 1/4 mile or less from home, so the bike wasn't hot, 3. IMS replaced the tank at no expense to me... just need to install the new one.
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              Yeah I kinda cant stand the smell of gas any more from my gpz900r problems so once I smelled it i was inches from putting the bike on the kick stand and the just kicking it over and walking away.

              Thank god I kept a cool head and everything worked out