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Bike not running well...

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  • Bike not running well...

    A little background.....I bought my 91 kat used. The guy who owned it before me let it sit for about a year. I've changed the oil and air filter and drained the floats on the carbs because it idled high (2000-3000 rpms) and would bounce around a lot. Well, last week it sat in my garage for the whole week because it never stopped raining long enough for me to ride it. I started it up earlier this week and with the choke all the way on, it only idles at 3000 rpm max. Everytime I stop, it wants to die. I just put a new tank of gas in it (used higher octane hoping maybe it will help clean out some). I have a feeling I need to change my spark plugs but is there anything else that I may want to look at? Should I get some water remover or gas treatment stuff to help clean it out some? Thanks.

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    id change the plugs, clean the carbs, lube the cables (Throttle and choke) just to make sure they arent sticking and it should be done anyways, make sure you dont pinch the choke cable or thottle cable with the tank when you put it down (like run the cable wrong) and if you still can get the idle to stay turn the idle adjustment screw on the left hand side of the bike to make it idle higher with out the choke or turn it down if you need to make it lower, thats all i can think of..


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      I'd also suggest to check the inline fuel filters and replace them if needed. I bought my 91 kat from a guy who also let the bike sit for a year. The fuel filters were pretty dirty.
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