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No Spark Dead Battery HELP PLEASE

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  • No Spark Dead Battery HELP PLEASE

    I am out of ideas. I cannot get a spark from my ignition coils. I swapped out a 94 Kat engine and put in a 98+. Both engines are 600. I used everything from the 98+ (wiring harness, CDI, ect.). I am even in the process of modifying the fairings so I can use the 98+ console. I got the swap taken care of fairly easily. After connecting the wires, the battery was dead the next day (usually something's touching). I found out while looking for the problem, some of the wires had been cut. I fixed those and still dead battery. The battery is new. I completely exposed the wires looking for the problem and I didn't have any more touching. Long story short, when I connect the (+) wire to the coil it creates a positive charge on the (-) post on the coil. The wiring cross is happening at the coil. I have (2) sets of coils. All of them are doing the same thing. I doubt I have (4) bad coils. I have the coil "grounded" to the frame. What am I doing wrong?

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    i have no idea if i saw it im sure id know but i honeslty have no clue sorry bro