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Ok just bought me one, got some questions about upgrades

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  • Ok just bought me one, got some questions about upgrades

    Ok so I won the 1996 750 on ebay and sold my old zx900 ninja.

    I have some questions about what i can do to the motor.

    The bike already has a V&h full exhaust system which I might change the muffler on depending how it sounds so if anyone has a link to what will fit the v&h header lemme know.

    I also wanted to know if I could bolt up some Gsx-r 750 carbs and possibly a gsx-r 750 head for increased performance.

    Is there a k&n pod style filter that fits the carbs on the 750 motor?

    And last one where can I get a clear tail light lense for the 96 tail ?


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    The engine in our bikes was pulled pretty much entirely from the 1989 GSXR750, so throwing gixxer carbs and head on it probably wouldn't be all you'd hoped for. I believe we've got 36mm carbs as is, and that's plenty big for the engine.

    K&N sure does make dual-oval pods for us. Special K ought to be able to help you.
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      Oval pods need the stage 3 jet kit..
      You can I belive change to a GXR head..

      I would do a search on this site..
      Lots of swaps n stuff have gone on...


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        im in the process of doing the stage 3 right now with the pods, you can use a gsxr head and cam but i believe it has to be between 89-92 for the years of the gsxr motor.


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          Will the head help me net some more HP ?

          I see the gsxr is like 30 more hp and thats just crazy, I wanna know where that hp is comming from and I can only imagine the head would be a good start maybe even ported as well.

          I will go with a stage 3 jet kit with the oval pods but I will most likely go with the smallest stage 3 jets with the current head.

          For those of you that dont know why probably never installed a stage 3 jet kit. Usally they suck unless your head is ported as well as pod filters and very free flowing exhaust.

          Check out this forum

          My name is megahyperion on there and you will see my year of carb troubles which alot was from a stage 3 jet kit.


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            Oh yes and what size is the pods? 54mm ?


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              i donno look on dennis kirk they say for our bike, and well the extra 30hp is from the head and the cams, the crank, and pistons are exactly the same and i believe the valves, and springs may be the same but im not sure


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                Yeah i highly doubt the crank and pistons are different for cost cutting reasons.

                I plan to get the head complete with valves and cams so hopefully I can just bolt it right on.

                it will be a while before that, first I will probably drop a tooth on the front sprocket , paint the bike a different color and mod the fairings, install jet kit with pod filters, and any other easy things I can think of before dipping into the top end of the motor.