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Having some horrible noise from fiancee's 250 ninja

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  • Having some horrible noise from fiancee's 250 ninja

    Hi all,

    Weeks ago, I got my fiancee a 2001 ninja 250, with only 2500 miles on it.
    I couldnt beat the price ($1600), had to get it.

    It makes a horrible noise when the engine is idling, and when its revving up (it probably makes this noise all throughout the rpm band...but maybe its drowning out by rev noise)

    Some people have said the valves are out of whack, while the dealer said "its normal for a small 250 engine to sound this way...some are louder than others."

    There is a tremendous amount of "clicking" or tapping <<<to put it lightly when its started up...and it seems to get worse as the ride progresses.

    what do you all think?

    EDIT: the bike runs and performs extremely well, this noise does not hinder its ability to perform

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    does it have any oil in it? j/k


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      um... valves are loose, I'd suspect.


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        well, there is really only a select few components that can make a noise and get away with it. Valves out of what or a sloppy cam chain. An oil pump can be noisy if it is screwing up, but that is not so common. Tranny maybe, but usually more so when in gear and moving I would suspect.
        Anything else inside that would be loose enough to make that much noise would probably fly apart or sieze up by now.
        So I would say valves or loose cam chain.
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            Originally posted by Freakinout
            um... valves are loose, I'd suspect.
            Dont know about the 250 but from what I have read and my previous ninja the ninja valves tighten.

            Also ninjas are known for their loud top end but this sounds a little worse then loud and most get quieter when warmed up not louder.

            I would just go ahead and dip into the top end and start checkin stuff out, its not a major job and valve clearances are easy to check as is the cam chain.

            I would also remove the fairings and see if you can pin point where the noise is comming from.

            Oh yes one more thing, make sure the tube from the valve cover to the airbox is hooked up (if there is one on the 250) because disconnected the engine will sound like its falling apart.


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              Thanks don!


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                "Having some horrible noise from fiancee'... "

                Am I the only one that finds this topic's listing funny!!!!! (yes I realize there is more to the topic title but still that's great )

                I got married about 2 months ago so all I can say is that the closer to the wedding you get the more horrible the sound....

                Just kidding... sort of
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                  LOL...yea...but this noise is a bit different, its more of a nagging sound, and it comes in intermittent bursts. When you least expect it hahahahah


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                    Perhaps this noise was a sign I didnt pay enough attention to.

                    The bike stalled out on her a few days ago, couldnt get it to start again..had to walk it home.

                    So since then, we have tried everything..well almost.

                    1) We put new plugs in...cant find NGK locally, had to settle for Champion.
                    2) We checked the oil, oil was full.
                    3) We checked the gas, gas still had plenty left to burn.
                    4) We checked the battery, good as new.
                    5) We pulled the plugs, dropped a bit of gas into the cylinders, put the plugs back in, no luck.

                    So I dont think its a carb problem and with only 3100 miles on it, Im stumped.

                    What do i need to do next?

                    BTW...her coolant was below the low mark, yet her dummy gauge for the engine temp never went above half way at all.



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                      A friend of mine that I ride with has a ninja 250, and another friend used one to learn on then sold it. Both were pretty loud, tappy, etc. I figured it was just normal of the 250.
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                        that could be a good sign then...if its common, perhaps its not the valves..

                        any more help?


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                          Most riders (esp. male) who have the ninja 250 tend to wail on them pretty hard, so cam bearings aren't uncommon victims of the abuse. But, I would say from your description, the cylnders may be filled up with quite a bit of carbon and be due for a valve adjustment as well (at which time, checking the cam chain tension is easy).

                          Get a manual and have at the valves.

                          KNOW THIS:
                          Using car oil in this high-rev'ing little engine and pushing it hard is a recipe for failure. Use good oils.

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                            Ill tell you its normal everytime, I wouldnt ant you to shank me
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                              Manuals are soo hard to find on this bike...i did find a site tho, that explains how to adjust them.

                              How do i get rid of the carbon build up if its in the cylinders?


                              Ive always used motorcycle oil, never even thought about car oil.