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Remember Murphy's law? Thats me. Heres my latest issues:

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  • Remember Murphy's law? Thats me. Heres my latest issues:

    I just cant win with this damn bike. I got the motor put together and in afte replacing the countershaft bearing, after busting my clutch plate and waiting for parts I now have it completely back together. Heres my list of issues:
    1)She wont stay running without the choke
    2)The oil light comes on at 2500rpms
    3)Has an awful squeek, like metal on metal, coming from the motor only at low rpmers. Under 5k, goes away with higher rpms.
    4) Shes a ***** to start
    5) It has obsessive amounts of vapor coming from my pcv line.

    Where do you think I went wrong? She runs great when you are giving it gas in nuetral but chokes and sputters when you ride. I rode 2 blocks, she died and I had to push it back. Oil level is good. I just had the carb cleaned and tuned. Im really not even sure where to go from here. Any thoughts? Im really worried about the squeeking.

    Appreciate any help thanks. --Jason
    Originally posted by arsenic
    93 octane fuel and K&N pod filters rock.

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    Step 1: Test oil pressure sender, replace oil pump if not faulty.

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