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Wiring harness diagram, or detailed pictures.

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  • Wiring harness diagram, or detailed pictures.

    Noticed this got a bit lenghty, but bare with me..

    I started wondering now when my electrical system seems to went out the window if it wouldnt be better to just replace the whole damn thing.
    I would have no trouble in building one, and I can get everything I need for just under 100$. Only thing is that I don't want to strip my bike, if I get it running tonight of its harness. I need to have it running.

    But to get rid of any future problems I think it would be time to replace old wires. I know how much trouble they can make, had my share of bad experiences with bad harnesses and ground points in cars. Even though they look good, they have corroded beyond repair and any means of repair to it would only surface another problem at another point.

    So, I guess some of you guys have made your own (because the original replacement surely is insanely overpriced).

    What I would need to know to pull this off is how long every part is. How many wires, wire thickness (0,75/1,5mm˛ and such), how many poles the connectors have and so on. I think I've got a detailed description of the while harness in the haynes manual. I think it would be easier for me to see actual pictures of it and measurements of someone who actually did it.

    Any ideas how to proceed?
    I assume it would take me a full weekend to assamble a new one. And replace all connectors with watertight ones. That is, if I can gather enough information on the harness.

    OR: If anyone has a harness that would fit my GSX 600F -93 would be great. And are willing to sell. I checked on ebay, but they only wanted to ship inside the US and neighboring countries. Payment is possible through paypal.

    Thanks for taking the time to read, and maybe helping out

    Best Regards,

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    Harnesses are on e-bay..
    I saw some yesterday..

    Barring that my best suggestion would be to
    pull the old one (or get a damaged one)
    lay it out on a bench and start copying it..
    I agree that it shouldn't take too much time,
    I have made harnesses in the past. However I strongly suggest that you add the same number of disconnects. Nothing would be worse than discovering that you can't do some simple job because your custom harness doesn't disconnect to allow access to some part..


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      i'd buy one. building a harness is easy, but finding the right connectors would take some time. as for the wire diameter - just note what the fuse is for that line an size the wire accordingly.



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        If building it from scratch the connectors don't have to be the same as stock, except where they connect to stock componants like CDI etc..
        If you are in the "bussiness" the crinp in pins are available and you reuse the shell..

        I used to do that when building custom car stereos..


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 carries all sorts of harness for many different models. The harness for my 1100 is $88 on their site.
          You might want to do a search on the site for your bike....they have the seat cowls for $90 I think it is.
          That site is really worth checking...and if they don't have tyour part listed, email them. They are constantly changing inventory. They are a big seller on Ebay.
          I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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            Cool site Mojoe!!
            Prices are pretty reasonable too.


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              Originally posted by Black_peter
              Cool site Mojoe!!
              Prices are pretty reasonable too.
              yup....that is what I thought too. I have never bought anything from them myself, but there are some stickers I might pick up. So I don't know what the service is like. They are a powerseller on Ebay, so they must be ok at minimum.
              I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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                Thanks for all the great inputs! If I build it from scratch I will replace every connector, as recommended. But this time use watertight ones.
                I work at a company here in Sweden that has all I need at stock, and with employee prices I get by pretty well Only thing is that I have to use the original connectors for the connectors to the relays and CDI-box. As Black_peter mensioned. I hope I can replace the elements in the connector housingswith something we've got in stock, because its usually where wires have gone bad. before even attempting this I will check at that site!

                Thanks again guys!


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                  Btw, have been checking the harness the whole day at work and I've found some kind of a dual diode with three pins. The two outer pins lead to the center one. And only directs current in one way. It seems okey that far. But, Strangely, when measuring the resistance between the two outer pins to the center. Both gives whopping 2,8Mohm of resistance. Is this normal? I've ordered a replacement I found at work, with the same diode function that can withstand 20A of power. And without that Mohm resistance. Is it supposed to be like this? I'll post pics later, I have no way of uploading pics from my mobile phone here.


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                    What!! you cant upload pictures from your mobile phone to a web site??

                    just thinking about that make my head hurt.


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                      Hm, now I REALLY got a problem. I removed my harness last friday, and put in it last night. Now, _nothing_ happends when I turn the ignition on.
                      The starter don't run, no lights. No nothing. I cannot understand it, the wires are solid. And all points have been connected. What could have happened?! Only thing I can think of is that little starter relay that is on the right side of the battery. I happened to drop it on the ground quite hard. Any possibility to measure its function?

                      Or, what could have gone wrong? I know for a fact I have connected everything right. Double and triple-checked all connections.

                      I didnt connect turn lights, and the head light. But it should work without.
                      I cannot understand it, why?!?!?!

                      And, i've replaced all the intrumentlights from 12V, 1,7W to 12V 1,2W lights. The strongest thing we had at work. But that couldn't have something to do with it?

                      I've checked the fuses, all good. And there are current there. Iv'e checked the grounds, they work.


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                        btw, that "dual diod" I was talking about earlier. Sorry for the large image.
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                          Seems like I am retarded after all.

                          Next time i'll take out the fuses and LOOK at them before assuming they are allright.


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                            Important thing.. you got it working


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                              Haha, yes.. good that its working anyhow

                              btw, I was just wondering. My tail light bulb has gone to hell like three times now since I bought it. Measuring over the battery poles while off its sits on 12,87V.
                              That's fresh, but I got worried when reving it and saw that the bike feeds the battery with 15,60V at its highest. Seems waaay to high. I've used calibrated instruments at work, so they are telling the truth.

                              I was under the impression that it should charge at a maximum of 14,5V.
                              Guess that CDI-boxes and such can take a beating if this continues? Should I replace the regulator? Is it located on the alternator with the brushes as on cars? And how expensive is that component? Easy to replace?