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1995 600 8k sputter

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  • 1995 600 8k sputter

    just put on a v and h full system. and i know it has a k and n filter in it. i'm thinking it needs to be jetted? lookin for feed back. good power to about 8k. then its spittin at had a goo 6.5k surge but i did some valve adjusting and that seems to be gone.
    1995 katana 600

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    Definately needs jetting if it's not before. While your in there, do a full cleaning, check your emulsion tubes, replace all the rubber, sync them afterwards, and you should be good to go.

    93 750 Kat

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      Have you pulled the carbs out to see what the jetting is now? Read up on jetting here grasshoppa.

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        grasshoppa haha thanks dude
        1995 katana 600


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          damn that probly means denver is out for the weekend
          1995 katana 600


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            Full exhaust AND a K&N filter? need to start working on your jetting.
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            but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.