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I'm fubared i think :(

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  • I'm fubared i think :(

    So far i have repaired 3 pieces of metal on my $25 ebay bandit motor. It looks like the motor took a earth sattering dive on the left side.
    1. It cracked part of the engine case off around some of the starter cover bolts, which i have fill welded drilled and taped.
    2. It broke off an exhaust bolt, welded and retaped.
    3. The starter gear on the flywheel was cracked. Since the gears were rustedish I just pulled my 600 kat stuff over.

    put it all together and missed one piece... the idle dowel.... is cracked

    4. now i need help because i think this is going to be the bullet for this motor. AHHHH this ones tough and I need advise. Today after i got my 120 dollar tool cause i expressed shipped it , I got to inspecting the gears. The starter has been CLACKING really loud and I figured it was the rusted clutch binding up however i was wrong. The impact was so great it busted the dowel holder on the idle gear.

    So what do I do? do i call it defeat? I don't know how to fix a push in fitting like this.... (taping and treading is easy) this needs to be within extremely tight limits so....

    I took the idle gear out and the bike HAULS!!! even with the bandit 600 carbs it runs! It's pretty lean because is backfires a lot when i get off the gas...

    would you completely fill weld this then drill it our or compress the crack and try to stick it? The metal is still there. Could you weld the dowel in place?

    the tiny lines are where you can see the cracks but all the metals there

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    Take a picture of it and post.
    Must read for carb tuners......


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      It's exactly like that except real life

      I can get it tomarrow I'm so ****ed i road around on a half put together bike just because im so desperate to ride


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        I honestly can't really see any detail.
        Must read for carb tuners......


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          it's a hairline crack i will take the cover off and get a pic of it...


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            I can't honestly tell why there would be an issue with a weld repair at that spot if the welding was done correctly...

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              need pics


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                Got some pictures now....

                After looking at it I think the best thing to do is brake it off... have a welder weld the area... then grind the hole to the approprate size.... you can see the void between the dowel and cracked piece...

                I am really hoping this was what was causing the loud crack on the bike...


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                  Hmm, that's gonna be hard to get right. I'd say weld it up and have a machineshop drill it out. Make sure you have really good measurements of where the hole is supposed to be.
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                    eish dude!

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                      well at least you only forked out 25 bucks for it. if you can fix it your gold but if not your not out a whole heck of a lot for trying. Good luck with it keep us posted!
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                        First, contact a GOOD aluminum welder. Second, & this is the KILLER, you need to KNOW that to weld aluminum you can't get it TOO clean! The problem you will have is the porosity of the aluminum & the amount of oil in those cracks. To weld it cleanly, you would need to get all of the oil out of the aluminum. A GOOD welder will know this & know how to deal with it. I would gtind a "V" into each crack, vise grip the hole together (with the pin IN) & tack weld it. Remove the pin & weld it up. Then use a brake master cylinder hone to clean up the hole. Not a very difficult process, TECHNICALLY, but difficult to get clean enough to weld. Good luck. Ray.

                        I was thinking about this a little more. If you can get it squeezed together enough to tack together tightly, you could then have a steel sleeve machined to tap on over the outside of the hole & it would be even stronger! The pressure of a .001 interference fit would keep it in place & it would be nearly unbreakable after that! Ray.
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                          i think it could be done make shure he welds the home in and then mill it at a shop


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                            I tried to squeez it together and it dosen't have enough play. I like the idea of grinding out v's then filling it in... I went to a guy who works on heads i just took the whole motor in and he filled the missing pieces with metal... I'm just ****ed because the tolerances have to be so exact

                            I like the steal ring idea but dang this motor must have landed hard... im amazing it still runs like a champ though and the compression isn't to bad


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                              before i was a painter i was a machinist went to school for 2 years for it and did it three after that before i started to paint ,what was i thinking lol.

                              That can be fixed but it would need to be totaly taken down to the core

                              I would think they would basicaly fill it all in with a weld mill, drill ,reem ,die grind etc. should 'nt be to hard after you have everything tore out of it.