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Gonna quiet the sewing machine

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  • Gonna quiet the sewing machine

    Hi all,
    In about a couple weeks or so I plan on doing a valve adjustment on my kat. I know they've got a sewing machine sound, but this is ridiculous, and I've also got no record of the previous owner doing a valve adjustment. My bike uses shims. Can I get these shims anywhere, or is it something specific to my bike?
    Also I want to take a look at the chain tensioner, but I'm also curious if there are any other key sources for noise. It's got a lot of valve noise, but it's recently developed a "thud" kinda sound with the rpm at idle, while running fine. Above idle the noise goes away. After startup while the oil is thick everything is smooth sounding, then after about a minute it all gets louder.
    Well, one last annoying question... a short while back I pulled the yoshi headers and there were no exhaust gaskets. I see on bikebandit that they've got them for $4.75. Does that sound like each, or for a set of 4?
    I'm finally going to have a garage after a couple weeks when I move, and I want to knock out as much as possible while I've got it apart. Thanks--
    '01 TL1000R

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    Wait, what year is the 750??
    Cause the 750 pre98 Kat is NOT shims...
    (not sure about 98+)

    With shims what you need to do is measure the
    clearance. Decide how far off it is.
    remove the old shim and measure it.
    Add (or subtract) to find what the shim should be and buy them at the dealer.
    You can get a set of assorted shims but we are talking $$$$$$$$$$$...


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      The engine is/was a 600, and the previous owner pulled the sleeves out and all that other good stuff and made it a 750. I assume it would still have the same valve setup?
      '01 TL1000R


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        ahh well then..
        Never mind me..


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          Really? I thought all Pre98's were shim-type. I honestly never even looked into it, I just assumed. If I had known that, I would've adjusted my valves long ago!
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            That was one of the selling points to the Kat for me.. Cheap easy valve adjustment..