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1988 1100f fuel line question?

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  • 1988 1100f fuel line question?

    I had a fuel line pop off on the highway ( i forgot the clamps) needless to say my fuel gage was dropping like a stone but i made it to a service centre ,reconnected line on the petcock refueled and made it home. I was almost a flaming ghostrider// So my question is the 2 lines that run from
    the pet cock to the carbs came off at 130 km an hour ,the bike still ran strong and i even sped up to make it to the gas station. So why the two gas lines to feed these carbs ? and with one gone the bike still ran great? Does this make any sense???
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    I'm gonna go with luck. You must have made it to the service station just in time. If the 1100 carbs are anything like the 600 and 750 carbs each line feeds two carbs. Fortunately there's some gas in the lines and the bowls, but not much.
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      ya i made it to the station/// today i put on hose clamps so that won't happen again!! I drove about a mile at high speed with one hose feeding 4 carbs or 2 carbs not sure how that works but i made it home in one piece.