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stuck gas cap

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  • stuck gas cap

    Can't get gas cap open! Any suggestions, worked fine for years, but now key only turns from 12 to 2. Just won't turn any futher? Took out the screws on tank,poped up and the front pin on cap will not release! Any one have a idea?

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    Mine is tough to get open most of the time. I push down on the front part of the cap with my thumb as I turn the key to get the pressure of the catch.


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      Tryed pushing down like your saying,but still would'nt removed the four screws and I can get the ring and cap part way up but the front just won't release. I can see and push in the back catch however the front just won't move...I can't see the front catch


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        Try and empty out your gas tank, take out your fuel lever and spray some lubricant from the bottom, if that doesn't work then take a long flat head screw driver and get to work from the same spot. My original tank was like that, too it to a key shop, couldn't do it. I had to spend a day figuring out how to do it and that how I got it done. I pretty much pryed the catch on one side first, then I went to work on the other side. Its not pretty, but you can do it!!!
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          Ok guess I will try that. Thanks