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Is there a way to double check

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  • Is there a way to double check

    I pulled my rear wheel off yesterday for some in depth cleaning (chain, sprocket, brakes, etc). It was the first time I've done it and I wanna make sure that I've got everything back together correctly. The tensioner bolts are very snug and the axle bolt is torqued correctly (which seemed inadequate- but it's the right number). The markers on both brackets are lining up with the chock marks on the swingarm too. I've ridden about ten miles without any movement of the axle. But is there any way to be double sure? Losing the rear wheel at 70 would suck.

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    Unless you failed to replace the cotter pin it's pretty difficult to "lose" the back tire assembly. Granted, I've dumped the clutch while revving into the upper limits, but worst I could muster was to "torque" the assembly out of alignment - and that took quite a few hard launches.
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      Make sure you used a torque wrench to tighten the axle, and replace the cotter pin... you should be good to go.

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        What size socket fits the rear axel nut?


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          You can use a piece of string to measure from the swingarm pivot to the center of the axle bolt to make sure the alignment is set properly. The alignment notches are just a rough guide.

          I always like to hand tighten the adjusters after the final tightening on the rear axle. Not so tight that I move the rear axle, but enough that I feel comfortable that it is applying some pressure.
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