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  • Vibrations

    Hello forum...

    Well I have done a search on this forum prior to posting this and am at a loss.... The vibration on my 2003 has gotten progressively worse to the point that my feet can no longer endure the pain.... The vibes persist throughout the power band, all RPMs and it is almost a pinging, intense vibration...

    For service, the bike just received new tires, chain and sprokets... It is now in the shop again for the past week... I finally got an update today and they are telling me they think it is coming from the lower part of the engine, suggesting the crank shaft.. .. They have put a call into Suzuki to verify this and they are waiting for a response...

    What do you guys figure?? I sent them a thread from here suggesting the valves and carb sync and they believe, that is not the issue.....



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    Not really enough info regarding the symptoms, but:

    Are the rims bent?
    Does the vibration increase with road speed?
    Were the new tires balanced?
    Wheel bearings checked?

    I would start with these few things before attempting to delve into the innards of the motor.
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      not so shockingly, i was expecting something different in this thread.
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        not so shockingly, i was expecting something different in this thread.
        Sorry to disappoint....

        One more tid bit of info.. When I get the bike up to higher speeds on the highway and pull in the clutch, the vibes go away... As soon as the load goes back on the motor, the vibes come back... Anyhoo... I know there are bunch threads already on this subject... was just wondering if I should suggest to the shop that they do the carbs and valves anyways as I have 24000 km on the bike and they haven't been done yet...



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          I could only suggest the motor mounts. Crankshaft possibly? on plain bearings I dunno, I know roller bearings vibrate like crazy when worn.
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            Originally posted by kat_kitten View Post
            not so shockingly, i was expecting something different in this thread.

            Not to highjack the thread but where KK's mind went sounds like a more interesting conversation!

            On the original subject I would check motor mounts (already stated), valves and carbs are good items to get done but these typically make noise more than vibes.

            Good luck
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              Okay.. I'll mention the motormounts to them.... I am just wondering why "I" am having to tell them what to look for.... this sucks.. Does anyone in the Montreal area know a good shop to go to?? I don't really want to count these guys out just yet.. however, if they are looking for me to start sending them threads from this site (which they have) that tells me they haven't ever encountered this problem... I just want my damn bike back.. Or maybe I should trade it in on the 2005 Busa they have sitting there...... :0