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Carb Leaking after cleaning

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  • Carb Leaking after cleaning

    i just cleaned the carbs on my 88 kat last really woke that thing up its a whole new bike now, anyways i went to ride it this morning, and its leaking outta a bowl, its the 2nd carb from the left side of the bike. do you guys have any ideas on what could be causing it? thanx

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    Is it leaking out of the bowl to carb gasket or just overflowing? if its overflowing the needle is stuck open flooding to overfill. try tapping on that float bowl with the handle of a screw driver to get the float and needle to vibrate and move. Just tap it lightly for a bit - it should reseat your needle and float.


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      Over tightened the float bowl drain screw and cracked the bowl?
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        it doesnt appear to be flooding the bike out. its runs a ton better than it did b4. it used to spit and sputter all the way thru the rpm range, nows its smooth. ill try tapping on it tho. it could have i guess cracked a bowl i didnt tighten them stupid tight tho, the guy b4 me did tho, i had to use an impact driver to get 2 lose. any other ideas

        where does it come out if its flooding the bowl? its appears to be right around the top of the bowl where it meats the body
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          thats probably a bad gasket if its coming out where the top of the bowl meets the body.


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            man i was hoping to not have to remove the carbs again that was such a PITA


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              it only leaks when the bike is running sitting still it doesnt drip or anything, any ideas?


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                Originally posted by Battousai View Post
                it only leaks when the bike is running sitting still it doesnt drip or anything, any ideas?
                No fuel is flowing from the gas tank when it's sitting still because your petcock is working correctly... so it won't leak when sitting still.

                Did you have the bowl gaskets replaced when cleaned?

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