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pre 98 clutch

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  • pre 98 clutch

    someone want to explain how the clutch works

    does that springloaded mechanisim push the rod into the tranny releasing the clutch

    ive never seen one like this just wondering

    should i be able to push it in by hand

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    OK get ready!!

    The clutch plates, there are 9 of them and inbetween each plate is a friction plate, are all set into a cage called the basket.
    (or onto a hub called the hub #4)
    At one end is the hub that connects to the crank.
    At the other is the gear attaching to the tranny.
    Pressing in on the rod (#19) pushes the hub (#12)away and allows the plates to separate.
    The clutch cable connects to a rotating part (#22) (like a screw thread) that pushes the rod. This gives you the mechanical advantage needed to overcome the hub springs(#13). (think wedge)
    The hub springs are not that heavy..
    Not like in a car. They can't be, ever try to disengage a non-hydrolic clutch in a car?? with your arm?!?) That is why a motorcycle clutch has lots of plates, this divides the load to the point where the spring pressure can be reduced.
    The torque of the engine is divided by the surface area.
    The plates are much smaller then in a car however having so many makes up for it. (after all lots of bikes these days come close to the power of a small car.)
    Below is the exploded view, that should give you a good idea...
    That having been said I doubt you could push the rod in with your hand..


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      thanks alot for the quick reply

      now i just have to wait six days for my new clutch cable


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        SIX DAYS!!!!

        Who did you order from?


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          my local suzuki stealer didnt have it in stock

          its like 12 somthing and im hopeing thats it and i dont need to put in a new clutch