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cheap clutch plates vs expensive plates

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  • cheap clutch plates vs expensive plates

    Is there really any difference between a cheaper factory spec oem replacement clutch set and the more expensive sets out there? Does one last longer, hold better ect...
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    Some clutch materials tend to be "grabby", some overheat quicker, some wear out quicker. It doesn't always correspond to the amount you paid for the parts though.


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      They all work pretty much the same OEM are not cheap plates though. They are actually some of the best quality. Barnett and EBC are also very good and made to OE specs
      Kevlar and organic plates tend to have better "feel" but wear faster out faster,
      race plates or plates used with heavier springs tend to wear out the presure plate and boss quicker then others.
      I normally use EBC plates and new OEM springs
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