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    Does anyone know a way to determine if my bike isn't starting because of a bad starter or if it's just the ignition switch?

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    get a volt tester and take apart the switch(es) you want to test. If the volt tester registers a complete current then its good. Though I don't know how well you can test the ignition but atleast you can make sure your switches are working.
    The killswitch on my Kat was shot so it always thought the switch was engaged.
    1999 Katana 750


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      You can also check for power at the starter solenoid when you press the switch. I know mine has intermittent issues, but I know mine is actually the pushbutton switch that's the problem.
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        Do you hear a click from the starter relay, or does nothing at all happen when you press the starter switch? First thing I'd check is the starter switch itself. I recently had the same problem and it ended up that the contacts in the switch were corroded. Take some emory cloth, fold it so you have two sanding surfaces, and clean the surface of the contacts by placing the emory cloth between the contacts, pressing the switch, and pulling the emory cloth out.