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Help!! with wheels

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  • Help!! with wheels

    Does any know if the wheels that come on a 99 can be repaired.
    I had a run in with at 4x4 the other day on the freeway, and bent both front and the rear, or should I look for replacements.
    Thanks, Larry

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    Sorry to say man never trust a wheel that has been bent it will never be right you only have 2 if one messes up you eat the ground. LOOK FOR NEW!
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      New would be nice, but I`m having a cash flow problem. Thanks to tow and storage bills.
      In looking around there shops that do stand behind there work and have been doing it for a long time.
      At a price range of $125./ $225. each. Plus they pick and deliver, with tire on wheel reinstall and ballance.


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        You can come across some used rims on here man.. usually for fairly cheap... I would keep an eye out in the sales section for people parting out their rides.

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