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can't get kat to run

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  • can't get kat to run

    Okay so I can't get this motor to run properly.

    Heres the deal i got the carbs synced, as i'm on the 2/3 carb sync the motor starts to idle up pretty high. Also the engine itself starts to have a knock sound in it. Could it just be the valves are way off and need help? whats the next step.

    After i got the carbs synced up i reved it a bit and it seemed flat around 3000 rpms and then bogged anything higher then 5000rpms left the motor with nothing

    does it sound like plugged up carbs? need to set the carbs in carb cleaner? I have all the vacuum lines plugged. Could a really bad valve adjustment be the problem?

    As for the knock sound would that be in the head or lower in the valves?

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    Valves are in the head- also did you clean the carbs? and how many miles-year?