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Continuing the Carb tuning

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  • Continuing the Carb tuning

    Ok so here's where Im at guys.... everything is great. The only issues I'm having are on startup now.

    She will fire up just on the choke but it seems to fire and run at 1000rpms for about 5secs and then it starts to come up to 3000rpms with the choke on full. I back off the choke to 2000rpms and then she's fine. Any idea what the hangup is?

    Power is unbelieveable after 8000rpms tho.

    what exactly is the pilot screw for?
    also I have 102 jets when I read that stock she came with 104's and 105's for you california ppl. Does that mean mine are made for a leaner burn or a richer burn?

    I was thinking of dropping the jet clips down 1 more step and backing off the A/F screws to 2.25. You guys think that would be better or worse where I'm set up at the middle on the jet and 2.5 for the A/F
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