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gas in air box

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  • gas in air box

    hey ya folks i need help again lol.
    over the weekend i went to take my carbs apart and noticed a shite load of gas in my air box as in the airbox was half full of gas so im like wtf.
    has any one heard of this.

    now that my air filter has been soaking with gas for who knows how long i guess i have to get another filter huh. has any body used the clamp on filters from k&n are they any good. not street legal but wut will it do as far as performance wise. any advice or recomendations would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks a mil
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    just be warned that pods usually mean re-adjusting the carbs accordingly. you don't just bolt them on and ride as they will make your bike run leaner.
    sounds like you had a float stick open on ya.
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      I just went through this!!!

      Read my post and the responses, as it may save you some trouble.
      89' Katana 600


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        Oh yeah and when I changed my oil it stank like gas. Thank you for saving my Kat Icekillah
        89' Katana 600


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          You ARE supposed to drain the airbox once in a while , too . There's a hose under the bike with a cap on it you should drain every oil change .
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