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ignition switch problem?

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  • ignition switch problem?

    If I push the start button on my bike nothing happens. What I have to do to get her to start is turn the handlebars hard to the right until the handle bar tabs make contact with the frame while holding in the start button. Then while holding in the start button I turn the handlebars slowly back to the left until (hopefully) she starts turning over. Usually I have to have the handle bars make contact with the frame decently hard a few times before she turns over. This morning took a bit more work than usual to get her to start. I dont know where to start looking. Ive got the clymer manual for her and have done some work (replacing chain and both sprockets just after buying her a few months ago). Im a decent mechanic but not very knowledgable with finding electrical problems unless I get lucky and just find a connector disconnected. Any help would be great. If anyone is in the San Diego area I work at the 32nd st navy base and live in north county so I can even ride by to have someone look at her if they wouldnt mind sparing the time for me to give me an opinion of what might be going on.
    Thanks all!

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    my starter button has given me problems in the past. I didn't have to turn the bars, but I did have to repeatedly push the button and "float" the clutch lever until it fired up. It can either be a loose wire at the point of connection to the switch, or it can be corrosion. if you can handle it, remove the controls from the bar and open it up. check to make sure it is nice and clean, all wires are secure and contact is being made with the switch. that is the simplest thing to check. if that doesn't work, then you have to follow the wire back to the harness to make sure all is good.
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      Whats up man I had the same problem enede up taking it in because there are a lot of wires to check...Turned out to be a corroded wire underneath the gas tank, cost me bout 90 bucks but they redid the corroded wires...Good luck and I know how frustrating it is man
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