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15,000 mile tune-up

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  • 15,000 mile tune-up

    As my bike just surpassed the 15K mile mark not too long ago, what should I be looking at doing maintenance wise? I know the tires are almost new and the chain is new but what else needs to be done at this stage in my motorcycle's life? How much can I expect to pay a shop for such work?

    On a side note, my rear brake pads (possibly rotor? but I hope not ) need to be replaced. How much would that cost me, or should I just do it myself? I also need to find out what's wrong with my headlights so it needs to go in to the shop anyway. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    1999 Black Katana GSX-600F

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    Get a manual. The brake pads are fairly simple. That will save you probably an hour in shop time cost.


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      a valve adjustment is due if it hasn't been done.
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