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First oil change after 1700 miles !

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  • First oil change after 1700 miles !

    I was looking to buy a used bike, and I found a 2006 with 1700 miles. One owner. The owner informed me that he did not take his bike to the dealer for initial 600 miles inspection. Also, he did first oil change at 1700 miles.

    I am very interested in this bike, but I am concerned about the delayed oil change.

    How much damage this late oil change could have caused the engine and transmission?
    Would you buy the bike and take the risk?

    The bike I am looking at is not a Katana. It is a Honda CBR F4i.


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    I'm no certified mechanic, but I'm inclined to say- how much damage can be done over 1700 miles? The bigger question is probably, was the guy an idiot squid who hammered it all the way through it's first couple thousand miles? Call your local Honda dealer man...

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      Im sure that engine is ok since it comes with very good oil from the factory. At first engine break=in there will be more metal particles in the engine but most if not all will be caught in the oil filter. Im sure the oil filter is not packed full with metal shavings , but it would be a good idea to look at the oil.


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        Trailor the bike home and change the oil ASAP, and get someone to adjust the valves after that. With only 1700 miles the engine should be fine....why is it for sale?


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          How do you change the oil yourself? What type oil and filter do you recommend?


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            wow ok well the service is because all the metal components are made very tightly not changing the oil at the proper time well lets see uhh metal pieces rubbing together for there first little bit of there life will make heat and well metal shaving those are now in your engine. The heat is greatly increased the first 600 miles because of them rubbing together to make a good surface which i dont care how good your oil is WILL destroy the oils lubricating properties then what is it using for lubrication oh yeah the metal shaving mmmm yummy. To make it short the bike has already been abused by the owner throw it away and get something with service records
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              i would think it will be fine just change the oil when you get it ...and in three hundred miles again .... and go with semi- or full syn. there after


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                Change it immediately. Change it in another couple hudnred miles. Good to go. Hopefully there isn't too much shiny in the oil when it comes out.
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