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  • Somethings not right

    Hi everyone, fairly new to this forum so this is my 1st time posting. Just got my bike back from the shop (same place i bought it) after blowig a tire and cracking front rim on a pot hole. It was there for a little over 2 weeks. As soon as i started it up it just didnt feel right. Sounds muffled and deeper than before, and just seems tired and sluggish. Its a 2006 katana with 4,000 miles on it. I bought it a year ago with 0 miles on it. Im just wondering if this could all be from sitting for 2 weeks without running, or could something have happened at the shop?

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    Fill it up with juice and give it a hiding. Prolly just got to clean the cobwebs out. If it was running fine before, it'll run fine after.


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      Thanks a bunch, thats what i was assuming so i did. Seems a little better already.
      thanks again


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        yeah, i imagine it'd simply be from sitting for awhile. unless the shop decided to fiddle with some things it shouldn't be. i highly doubt that though. to change a front wheel, nothing aside from the the wheel needs to be messed with. maybe just throw in some seafoam to help with any gas that may have gotten a little nasty in the carbs.
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