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Looking for parts and modification suggestions.

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  • Looking for parts and modification suggestions.

    Hey everyone,

    I just finished a couple mods on my 00 Kat 750 that I bought a couple months ago.

    Added a Yosh RS3 slip-on
    K&N air filter
    DynoJet Stage 1 jet kit.

    It turned out great, and I can really notice the difference. I didn't think it would be that significant - but the first run after the changes, the bike almost seemed "scary" fast! Shouldn't take long to get used to the changes, and I will be looking to do some more work....

    So, help on the following:

    First, I stripped a couple heads of the screws holding the carb covers. Had to cut a groove in them to turn them to standard head just to get them out. Anyone know the best place to get Allen head replacements? Regular hardware stores have not been the place - at least the two I checked.

    Second, I noticed the previous owner or dealer lost a couple of the fairing bolts and replace them with uglier bolts that didn't have rubber gaskets for vibration protection. Know where to order stock parts like that?

    Last, any other suggestions for more HP? Plan to change to better oil and have been looking at an ignition advancer, but have a hard time finding one for the bike AND to be honest, don't exactly know how/why they work.... I know I could get a full exhaust, but that will have to wait...

    ALSO, any suggestions for some other cool add ons? I'm thinking of an oscillating headlamp and break lights just to be a little more noticeable to the fools driving on the Las Vegas roads....

    Thanks in advance for the help...

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    Maybe some LED strips on the passanger pegs to act as extra brake lights. My suggestion though for your next MAJOR mod would be suspension, that is my next one. From what I understand, it makes the Kat a whole new bike!

    Kinda spendy though, new rear Ohlins shock is like $300 bucks. The fronts can behad for anywhere between $60 and $120.

    Fender eliminator kit or just chop the rear shovel if you haven't done that yet. Chrome some case covers. Variouse LED"s placed throught the fairing to shine light out the vent holes. There are a ton of things.

    Then you can always go REALLY big mod, and throw in a oil cooled Gixxer engine. I put a 1100 gixxer engine in mine
    -89 Gixxer 1100 Engine
    -Stage 3 Jet Kit / KNN Pod Filters
    -Ohlins Susupension
    -Various Other Mods


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      I sent you a PM TallKatRider..

      I can't help with fairing hardware but I belive someone posted about a kit available just a few days ago..

      To help the rest of you 10-32 SAE is pert-near the same as 5mm..


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        Port the head and go with a bigger jet kit or bigger carbs.

        That would be the next engine upgrade, other then that shaving weight and other mods like that would be the other route.