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Pod Filters: 85 Katana Pop-Up

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  • Pod Filters: 85 Katana Pop-Up

    I know what the answer is now heres the dilemma. I have an 85 Katana 750 Pop-Up. The stock box is crap, besides being damaged and worn. In frustration at its condition I tried to remove it, and it broke some more on me. So I got some pod filters for it. Searching reveals that for the newer engines 88+ pod filters = poor mid range. Running the bike up in the garage with no filters reveals the same. Runs very poorly.

    Now, I am committed to making this work. If I need to change sliders, jetting etc to get it to run descent I will. What I need is your help. This is an older engine, but it IS the 16V TCCS engine. Being a 89 HP engine I doubt there is alot of valve overlap but still some, but I read that lot of the Kat do have valve overlap and this does not help the pod filter dliemman due to the reverse flow of air at certain ranges.

    Now I can adjust vacuum, with the size of the pod filters. But really... any good tuner will tell you shouldnt have to. Vacuum is bad for performance, you want as little as possible, always. If the carbs arn't performing right at certain RPM, it can be fixed, with time and money. There has to be someone out there... that has done this properly. All signs point that it appears running lean in the mid range. Carbs dont care what RPM your at, they only regulate based on flow. If its stumbling in the mid range, its not getting enough fuel so surely this can be compensated for?

    Need some advice, other then go back to the stock box. I don't mind losing a few MPG due to an overly rich condition. This is going to be a "fun" bike.

    I am prepared for the incoming "Arsenic" flaming... judging from my searching.

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