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  • Spark plug wires

    I just noticed that one of my spark plug wires is burned through from the resting on the head.. I know it burnt through the rubber heat shield that surrounds the plug wire but not sure how far it melted into the actually wire. My question is are you able to replace the wire by itself or do you have to get a whole new coil? I notice where the plug wire goes into the coil there is a plastic device like a clip holding it in place. Has anyone had experience changing wires on these coils? ty

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    You can replace it with a 7mm solid wire from an auto store. They twist in and you can try to salvage that plastic clip but good luck. I hot glued my wires in place. It's been holding for two seasons.


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      I did a write up on this sometime back. Guess it wasn't worthy to sticky or whatever, but here you go with pictures.

      Nah, I'm more of a Heres your post kinda guy LOL,

      Anyhow, I just got the pics uploaded. Dunno why some didn't come out clear, but I'll explain as I go.

      First, Unbolt the coil pack from the bike with the spark plug wires attached. Trying to do this on the bike is a huge pain if you are planning on replacing the wires or cutting them back coil side. Mark the electrical wires going to the coil pack if you like.

      On the coil pack where the two spark plug wires meet the coil, you'll notice two clips on each side of each spark plug wire.

      Here is another shot of the clip I am referring to.

      Be very careful trying to pry the clips away. Its easier to just remove one side at a time. Don't pry out the tabs too much as they will break. These clips are not available for purchase separately. The set of clips in the following pictures are broken already. They were like that on the original coils when I got them. But it makes it easier to show the teeth inside the half clam shells I refer too.

      Once you have both sets of wires removed from the coil pack, with the clips attached. It will look like this.

      As I said above, in my case, the clips were already broken

      But it shows the point. Now, before going any further. Measure from the clip to the end of the wire. This measurement is where you need to place the clip on the new wire Or if your just clipping the old wire back. Make sure the new wire you are planning to use is 7mm wire Copper core stranded. Carefully open the two half clamshells to allow the wire to slip free. The end of the wire will have 4 indents into them, Like teethmarks.. Two front, two back.
      Like this

      On the above image, there are two sets of teethmarks visible. That is due to someone already cutting the wire back previously and repositioning the clip further back on the wire.

      If you look inside the clip there are two barbs on both halves. This is what bites into the wire. This also is the part that causes you so much pain trying to get them back into the coil. They are there for a reason, so don't file them off. Heres a shot of the halves , but it is a little blurry.

      Anyhow, at this point, you are ready to install the new wires or old and recut.

      Slip the new wire into the clamshell and to the length you need extending out from the clip. Insert the wires to the coil pack and apply some downward pressure to allow the wire to get stuck into the pin on the inside of the coil. By this point, the clamshells are touching the coil pack and moving around. Its a little tricky at this point Since you are going to almost work both wires at the same time. Keeping inward pressure on the wires while using pliers to squeeze the half clamshells together. Remember, this is where your fighting the teeth of the half shells into making a new home in the rubber jacket of the wire. One thing I did my last time was to line the wires where I needed them and used pliers to squeeze the clamshells together. This made a mark in the outer rubber jacket. I then used a pen knife and made a small cut in the rubber jacket where the marks were. This allowed the teeth to have more flexibility to sink in easier. Theres no worry about arching since the plastic holding it and the entire exterior of the coil is plastic and non conductive as well. From this point, its just a matter of pushing them in the rest of they way till they are seated and clipped back in.

      As for the spark plug side.
      This step does not need removal of the coil packs from the bike unless you were replacing the entire wire.

      This side is easy. Just pretty much twist it like you would a screw. Leftie loosie/rightie tightie. Hold the wire where it meets the rubber cap and grip the part that goes onto the plug and twist it loose. Might need to give it a little tug to come off if the rubber caps gripping the wire and boot end well.

      Reassemble in the reverse order. Make sure to put the rubber top back on the wire. If your having trouble getting the rubber on, use a bit of oil to help aide it.

      Happy Riding.
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