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replacement of the busa. new to the kat.

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  • replacement of the busa. new to the kat.

    Hows it going guys? so i totaled out my baby which was a 2003 busa that i built the motor in. long story short... 194 rwhp with 2000 miles on the motor when the wreck happened. so i got a great deal on a 1990 katana 600. not a busa but it will get me on the road on 2 wheels again. so my plan is to go the sleeper route with the heart of her being a 1200 bandit motor with slingshot 750 cams. so my questions are, how burly of a ride am i looking at when i get this done? what tipe of horsepower numbers can i expect out of that motor set up and where can i find that motor? thanks for any help and im excited to jion your forum.

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    Welcome to another SoCal! How far north? Escondido? Palomar?

    Check out Chriskat1100 or shoot him a PM. He's done exactly what you're thinking about doing. The thing is a beast.


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      B12 with gsxr cams? For some reason that doesn't sound right.
      90% of motorcycle forum members do not have a service manual for their bike.

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      I love how the most ignorant people I have met are the ones that fling the word "ignorant" around like it's an insult, or poo. Maybe they think it means poo
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      but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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        1100 Head flows better than the Bandit too.
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        93 octane fuel and K&N pod filters rock.


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          Depending on your level of "mad-modding", you could get about 150hp from the b12 motor. The problem is the Kat frame. Yes, it's sturdy, but flexy since its steel vs. aluminum alloy. If you wanted to go the "safe" route, the 1100/1200 motor drops right in with some minor mods...just run it like that. The 1100 is good for about 125hp and 1200 stock is right at about 100.

          Here's where you go for all that info anyway.



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            Thanks for the input guys. im in oceanside ca. and as far as the bike being a katana... i had no problem walking a busa in a stand up if i felt like it or carving some nice canyons. its all about the rider and im just out to have a good time. does anyone know where i can fin a gsxr1100 or b12 motor?