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  • Bogus Machine Shop?

    OK, so I went to adjust the valves a while back and discovered that the valve keepers on one of the #4 intakes had come apart. Valve is still open when the piston comes up, piston strikes valve head and chaos ensues. End result is a broken valve guide, bent valve stem and a bunch of galling on the piston crown and inside the combustion chamber.

    I stripped the head down and took it to a machine shop to get the valve guide replaced. They had to out-source the work to a guy who has the right setup for motorcycle heads and supposedly does nothing but heads. Promised it back by the end of the week. Thursday afternoon I got a call saying that the other #4 intake valve has a bent stem and that all the other intake guides are worn and should be replaced. It took until today to get any info out of them about just how worn they are and now they're saying there's about twice the max amount of radial play allowed by spec.

    The bike ('95 GSX750F) was running great until the keepers let go and only has about 20k miles on it. Does it seem likely that it should have that much wear on the guides? Seems to me that if the guides were worn to twice the wear limit (after only 20k miles!) the bike shouldn't have been running very well and it seems really strange that it would be just the intakes. I'm wondering if this guy is trying to milk the job. Opinions?
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    I have a feeling they are only looking to do the rest of the head. I am an engine builder, & while it's POSSIBLE the guides could be worn, I doubt they really are. Tell them to fix the 2 & give you your parts back. I think they are fishing for work since they have your stuff. If you need help after you get your stuff back, PM me. I am doing a bunch of work on Arsenic's stuff right now but I can't say what it is to protect his privacy. If he wants to tell you what I'm doing PM him. Ray.
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