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Bike is burning blue.. WTF

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  • Bike is burning blue.. WTF

    Hey guys, My bike was running wonderful a couple days ago.. I parked it.. It's been on the kickstand for like 2 days, I fired it up today at lunch just to run it for a bit and it was burning blue like a S.O.B. like wtf... sticky ring?? or ya.. I can't figure out why... I had to shut it off and get back to work.. but I need to resolve this... It smoked kinda the same when I fired it up for the first time.. but It stopped and runs(ran) beautifully... so should I just run it for a bit? Would the oil from the top end maybe have seaped thru the valve seals??? It has been like +30C by the way if that makes a difference... Will being on the kickstand not being started for a couple days do anything??? I wouldn't think so... but ya.. HELP PLEASE THIS SUCKS!

    oh.. And the first tank of fuel I ran thru I put carb cleaner in it... maybe the carb cleaner had some time to eat away **** in the bowls??? I've only run 10 bucks thru it since the $10 w/carb cleaner got ran thru....I'm clueless right now..

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    There could be some left over carb clean in the system. That stuff is pretty lethal and really flammable. I know because I bought a turbocharged car from a guy who blasted that stuff in the turbo and started it. Long story short, melted the seals instantly on start up. Had to rebuild the turbo. Hopefully you don't have anything like that though
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      empty the tank and put in new fuel
      go with the supreme ....not the regular sh*t and take it out on the hiway


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        I went for like a 10 min putt around.. and eventually it stopped... so maybed the piston on the side it was leaning on was at bdc and oil seeped thru the rings into the cylinder... I put it up on the center stand tonight and I'll fire it up tomorrow.. I am just waiting till payday so I can insure it... Sucks.. I have to stare at it every morning as I'm getting into my truck.. grr.. Its so fun.. haha, next week is going to rule!


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          How much of the carb cleaner did you put in the tank?
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          but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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            hopefully it all is down hill from there.. probably nothing but the carb cleaner burning through the system


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              I probably put like 3/4 of the cap of the spray can in there..
              not much...but i havent filled the tank yet so I amagine there is still some in there..