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01 kat 600 help

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  • 01 kat 600 help

    hey guys im new to kr but ive been riding and working on stuff fora while i just pulled my old kat outa storage.(my wife wants to learn to ride and my f3 is my only transportation at the moment) i cleaned tank and the carbs 2 times now replaced the filter and 2 of the float needles everything else cleaned out real good tossed some new plugs in it and adjusted the valves<they were not really off but it has been sitting so maybe i adjusted them just befor storrage> changed the oil it had gas in it from the first time i left the petcok open and the float needles were leaking. fresh gas. i made a video after i drove it around tha block for like 15 mins it still seems a lil bit sluggish to me but ive been riding my f3 alot and cannot remember what the kat would do befor storage. let me know if you think that this is about right for my kat or if its drasticlly off?
    it pulls pretty good in second around 7k-9k or so when riding ??
    why does the sound not work on my vid???

    [ame=""]YouTube - kat600 rev?[/ame]
    Last edited by jonathanmaples; 06-09-2009, 12:48 PM. Reason: vid sound krap?
    shiny side up, at least when I'm not doing a barrel roll