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Won't idle

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  • Won't idle

    I'm trying to get my Son's buddy's 96 600 running proper.

    Here's where the problem starts. Kid leaves the petcock on prime. Gas fills crank. Overflow of gas and oil on floor. I've done the drain of crank case and put in new oil. Engine seems to have survived with little to no ill affect.

    This was last summer. He informed me that the bike just hasn't ran properly since then and has gotten increasingly worse. Now it won't idle. Idle screw has to be turned up to about 2200 rpm. Let off and bike drops to below 10 and then slowly fades and dies. There is no levelling off of idle between 10 and 22. It jumps back and forth, above or below when idle screw is adjusted.

    I just started tinkering with it over the weekend. Here's what I've done thus far to carbs. (All stock) O-rings on floats replaced. Floats set to approx 14.5 mm. Diaphragms checked out ok. A/F set at 1 7/8th out. Carbs were sync'd at the 2200 rpm (Yeah I know, too high. Wouldn't idle at 18) and they read equal across the board.

    Engine sounds and runs healthy in upper rpm ranges. There is a hesitation when throttle is blipped.

    Before I cashed in Sunday I took the carbs loose from the intake boots. There were small puddles of fuel. I do not have any overflow out vent tubes of fuel. Equal amounts in all cylinders.

    Here's what I'm thinking before I go over there later tonight. Is there not an o-ring under the piston valve? ( the white piece in the center) Vacuum pulling in just enough fuel to flood out engine?

    Any other ideas are appreciated.


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    The KR gurus will be best suited to give you direction, but here's what I can offer to the situation:

    If the carbs flood when the petcock is in the prime position, your floats aren't right. Check the height on 'em, make sure they move freely.

    If the bike hasn't been ran regularly, it's more than likely that your jets are gummed up.

    Since you'll need to pull the carbs to play with the floats, I'd recommend givin' 'em a thorough cleaning and overall inspection while they're in hand. Once everything is cleaned and back on the bike, run a tank or two of fresh fuel through the system; mebbe add a touch of Seafoam.




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      Next steps...
      • Change the air/fuel screw setting to 2.5 turns out. The factory setting is too lean anyways, and lean setting causes the idle issue you mentioned.
      • Check the petcock has the vacuum line hooked up right, and that it will flow gas when vacuum is applied only in the on position. If this isn't happening, then rebuild the petcock.
      • If that does not resolve the issue, adjust your float height again going down .5 to 1mm (closer to 14mm).
      • Test again... If that doesn't resolve the issues, pull and do another full cleaning (you can never clean them enough) paying special attention to the pilot jets.

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