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Chain is grinding/sticking

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  • Chain is grinding/sticking

    So my chain was loose and with some help from my buddy we tightened it up. When I took it out to see if it was running fine I felt the chain grinding on something. We thought we may have put the back wheel on wrong so we adjusted it again, but there was still a grinding on the chain. It feels like the chain is snagging on something. The rear sprocket looks fine and the chain is a little worn but should still be fine. We are 95% certain the back wheel is on straight and chain is adjusted to the required length. I am bringing over a mechanic friend either today or tomorrow and we are gonna check both sprockets and chain thoroughly and also check if anything is getting in the way. Is there anything else we should look for or does anyone have an idea what might be the problem? Thanks guys.
    2001 Kat 600


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    Have you lube the chain? did you infact measure the bolt part sticking out to ensure you have the same amount on either side? This helps to make sure the wheel is straight. You might have some build up behind the sprocket cover causing it to bind a little. Also the chain may be stretched and slapping against the swing arm.


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      probly a tight spot in the chain feel for the tightest spot by rotating the wheel. at the bottom of the swingarm move the chain up and down rotaing the wheel until you find the tight spot. There must be free play in the chain.


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        I'm thinking overly tight or worn chain. Rotate the wheel slowly and look at the rollers carefully, many times you will find some that are cracked/broken.
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          Center stand it and check the slack when rolling it slowly you have tight spots and loose ones ? . If so it streched and is your guide pad fine and not wore down ?....and o course brush it clean i use trans fluild type -f then chain spray maxima


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            does the wheel rotate freely? you might be hearing a brake pad from the rear caliper
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