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Airbox (yeah, nothing new)

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  • Airbox (yeah, nothing new)

    So, I still can't get my airbox on and I have been working on it for 3 hours. The carbs are off and the filter is out. I used grease and they slide on easy, but as soon as you tighten the clamps down they pop off. If you just try and tighten them half way they will stay on until you move it, then they fall off. IDK what to do, its really annoying because they fit on fine until you try to make them snug, then they just slide off.

    So, would buying new carb boots help, even though these ones are not dry/cracked? Where can I find them for cheap? Also, does anyone know what size the vacume port o-ring is so I can buy some at a hardware store instead of paying 2.57 per o-ring at

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    Not sure on the '94, but I know on the 98+ models, I find it a lot easier to put the carbs on the engine (or leave them on the engine), then bring the airbox into place and bolt down the bracket at the rear of the airbox -- this puts forward thrust on the airbox & boots that I don't have to keep applying manually to force it forward into the carbs; I just have to make sure the alignment is good before bolting. Given a minute or two, the boots slide over the carbs fully and I'm all set.

    With a '94, I'd be concerned that the rubber simply isn't flexible enough any more...

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      I felt your pain. I bought a set of good used boots and have not had a problem since. Also I bought new clamps and found out I was over-tightening the clamps. I have also learned to put the carb's and air box on the motor together. That way I was guaranteed a good seal.


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        carb boots

        Im not making any suggestions but I have had trouble with carb boots in the past. I found to put them in really hot water for about 5-10 minutes then clamping them on the carb will help reshape them some. make sure the clamp is all the way up on the boot towards the carb while u tighten.


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          The only way I can get mine on is to put carbs on airbox first, then push entire assembly into boots on engine.

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            it can be a PITA but i havent had too many issues. Im just making sure that the boots are seated all the way b4 I tighten clamps.
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              They are on as far as they will go/ clamps as loose as they can go. I think I might just boil them and see if they reshape. I guess I should hurry up and get my GS650G rebuild done so I have something to ride. lol
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              '82 GS650G
              '94 Katana 600


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                I agree with Trackerrrr, carbs on airbox first then a little elbow grease. Also if you do the middle two boots, then the outside boots..Also a little bit of trans fluid or oil inside the boots!!
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                  easiest way is to put carbs on the engine. Take the battery box off. slip airbox on with the filter out, working from middle out with the boots. Same when tightening the screws. If it is coming off on any side it is not on right. put filter back in then put battery box back on.

                  have had to do 2 carb cleans on 2 bikes this extra step only took 10 minutes and saved me 2 hours.
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