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Oil leaking from Oil Filter

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  • Oil leaking from Oil Filter

    I just changed the oil in my Kat about a week ago, and since then its been leaking oil of a little over a teaspoon a day right from the seal around the oil filter. The filter's on as tight as I can get it, so why is it leaking, and what can be done to fix it? Thanks.
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    pull the part number and make sure you have the correct fiter..if thats not it look for dings dents or stripped threads .


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      Did you make sure you coat the rubber gasket on the filter with fresh oil before putting it on?


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        Did ya wipe off the sealing surface before you put new filter on?

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          Originally posted by Trackerrrr View Post
          Did ya wipe off the sealing surface before you put new filter on?
          What he said. I've found old rubber on that mating surface more than once.

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            did ya overtighten the new filter smashing the seal?
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