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Loose Crankshaft bolt. HOW?

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  • Loose Crankshaft bolt. HOW?

    Here's a weard one for ya. My starter zinged the other day when trying to start the bike. Removed the started and all was well. Removed the left hand cover that hid the gears for the starter and found the bolt that mounts into the crank shaft loose enough to turn by hand and why the zing when trying to start the bike. Torqued the bolt and all was well.

    Question: How did the bolt back itself off? I've never performed maintenance in that area.
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    Mine did the same thing in the spring. It acted like the battery was low, but it checked out fine.

    I finally tore into the left side of the engine, expecting to find a bad starter, but to my suprise it was just a loose bolt.

    I wouldn't sweat it too much, just one of those things.
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      Almost sounds like it should be some sort of tech recall info for Suzuki. I found it very strange that a bolt that connected to the crankshaft would acutally come loose. From the sound of it there are more.
      Are paradigms another way of viewing 20 pennies or 4 nickles . . . think out of the roll


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        I was in traffic 2 years ago, and my starter bold decided to come out oo, although my whole bike shut down, wouldn't kick over, so I had to push it to a gas station, in full gear, on like a 90 degree day. Man waht a pain!!!
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          That bolt is torqued in lightly and comes out easily. The factory also for some reason does not use thread locker on it and I think they should.............. blue locker would be best
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