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Carbs leaking oil?

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  • Carbs leaking oil?

    I am dealing with an oil leak issue and as I traced it down today, I found that it seems like the drains on the carbs are leaking some kind of oily substance. Is this normal or what does this mean? Is there a nice easy fix for this? Help would be very much appreciated. The picture shows a small drip hanging from one of the drain plugs on the carb
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    Only way I can think of oil coming from the carb area would be...

    Oil blow out from the valve breather into the box via the hose attatchment... filling up enough of the box for it to then be sucked into the carbs (which still shouldn't leak oil), or leaking around the boots for the air box to the carbs...(most likely issue)

    If that is the case,

    Pull the air box, clean it out.

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      what is the valve breather? I think that where something is coming from in my air box, if the valve breather is where the hose on the top of the air box is coming from


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        oil breather

        yeah oil mist will come from the breather on top of your engine through the tube to the air box where its pulled into the carbs and burned.


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          Very nice... do you know what the threaded hole in one of my other posts is for


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            I have the same issue, and don't have a clue what it is or why its happeneing. Have you fixed it, or have any idea what it is yet?