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Tabs on exhaust gaskets

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  • Tabs on exhaust gaskets

    Got the new style exhaust gaskets with the 2 copper tabs on one side. Does the tab side face in? TIA

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    I don't think it matters as long as they squish. I spose you could look on the motor itself to see if there's slots, but I don't think so. It's been awhile since I was dug that far into the bike.

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      Got a pic? I've never seen those before.

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        Originally posted by Trackerrrr View Post
        Got a pic? I've never seen those before.

        OEM's are simple round rings.
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          Are we talking about the ones for the header ports at the engine, or the mid-pipe connection (header to muffler's midpipe)?

          Pics would be appreciated.

          Also - were they OEM or aftermarket?

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            Thought I saw a post that said these tabs were used to hold the gaskets in place when installing the headers, so I assume tab side in first.

            These will be used on a unknown brand 4/1 aftermarket exhaust. 93 600 kat.Gasket1.jpg


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              Yeah, i put the tabs in first. Now that I see the pic I assume those are to hold those in place. If they don't have the tabs, I lather them up with anti sieze to keep em in place.

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