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  • Speedo Conversion

    In my process of converting my bike into a street fighter I'm going to redo the entire gauge cluster and was wondering if someone had any experience with switching a pre speedo from the cable to the electronic? If you also have some advice as to which you think would be better go ahead and send it my way. I would like to hear differing opinions.
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    check i think i saw a conversion part on there for pre 600's last night dont know if this is one or not but it looks like it to me- i could be wrong
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      digital gauge conversion

      im looking to do a sf mod to my 95 kat 750 i wonder if that converter thing would fit on my 750? i noticed it only said 600 on the site but do you think it could work?
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        If you go to the home screen and start with Suzuki Aftermarket Parts and work your way back to Electronics/Gauges & Indicators you'll see that it's really not associated with a specific model. The way it reads, as long as it fits the speedo cable it should work. But there is the ability to ask them questions about the part just to be sure.
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