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Ok 2 questions about my 99 Kat

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  • Ok 2 questions about my 99 Kat

    I just got a bike a week ago and am pretty new to the bike world. I have a couple questions that I would like to know as soon as possible so I can try to do something about them when I go to work tomorrow.
    My first question is I just contactaced the guy that sold me the bike and he told me had just done an oil change about 200 miles ago and I was like great that would be less that I had to do. So then he preceded to tell me that he used advance auto store brand sae 5w-30 oil. Thats the same stuff I use in my car. I read a post by CP that states all the stuff to look for in the oil and it does have that enegy conserving thing on it. What do I need to do? Is it to late has the 200 miles allready runed my moter or clutch?
    My second question is I have a small squeek coming from the front for at anything below 25 or 30. I at first thought it was the braked but appling preasure on the breaks seems to have no affect. you guys got any ideas?
    Well I hope to get an answer from you guys so I can possably try to fix this as soon as possible. how many qts of oil does it take to fill our kats?

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    Big SoCal welcome!

    I don't take any chances with using auto motor oil in my bike. There's a difference for a reason. I think the Kat takes about 3500ml so I'd grab a liter of fresh oil and replace as soon as you can. Don't think any major damage has been done but I wouldn't run it all the way to the 3000 mile mark.

    The squeak could be a lot of things. Most minor, a couple kinda major. Is it a consistent tone or more of a chirp?


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      Like I said it is only at slower speeds. it is more a chirp that will get faster as I speed up and slower as I slow down. once I hit 3rd I never hear it anymore. but at slow speeds it gets on my nerves.

      Not to sound stupid but how many qts is 3500ml? I was never good at those things when I was in school and am not now HAHAHAH


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        4 quarts i believe..


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          I would change the oil, regardless of what the dude told you. Then you'll know for sure that it's been done right, what's in it, and it's fresh. Squeak in the front... wheel bearing???


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            I believe the manual says 3.9 quarts with a filter change. Dump four in her, what good is a tenth of a quart of oil?

            Not to hi-jack, but my last bike (kz750h) was $50 from a buddy. I put thousands of miles on it with shop grade 15w-40 in it, and never had a problem. I would imagine if I would've inspected it, there would've been things less than ideal, but I'll be damned if I spend more on oil than on the bike. I later sold it for $400 the day after I got the kat, she gets good oil.


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              I would flush the old oil, and replace with new and an OEM filter.

              Jack the bike up so that the front wheel is off the ground, see if there is any place on the wheel moving (grab from the side and push/pull). If it's not moving that way, pull the front rim off and inspect for any spots that might be rubbing (check rim, rotors, underside of the fender, sides of the forks, etc...) Also check to see if the bearings need repacked (not sealed both sides).

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                OK I will be going to get some good oil and a new filter today. Also does anyone know how to get the filter off from behind a Yoshi header?