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I dont know whats going on help

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  • I dont know whats going on help

    ok my bike is overheating im pretty sure of it. It dies on me everytime that it gets really hot. I have no idea whats causing it. Can it be the air filter? What? Any advice would help but in short everytime i ride the bike for a nice distance it doesnt want to start back up and when it does it dies shortly after runing and will not kick over agian untill it cools.
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    sounds like something in the ignition is getting too hot or maybe just worn, i had teh same thing happen to an eclipse i use to have...
    1997 Katana 600

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      I'm not a mechanic, but it wouldn't be the engine. If anything it would be an electrical problem. Perhaps CP, Arsenic or Hardlydangerous could help. PM them.
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        Will it run again after opening the fuel tank, or putting the petcock on reserve?

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          i have tried opening the fuel but it still overheats..
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            I just experienced a similar issues on my 2002 600 katana this past Monday. While riding on the NYS Thruway, my bike just died. I was running 2s up, fully loaded (top box, saddle bags and tank bag), at speeds slightly above posted limit, I had only gone about 80miles when it died on me the first time. The bike started up again within 5 minutes. I rode a further 100miles when she died on me again. The bike started up about 5minutes later and i made the remaining 120miles or so of my journey with no problems.
            While at the Americade in Lake George, a previous Katana owner suggested that my ignition coils may have over-heated.
            One thing that i did notice; i had all my cold gear on and it appears that my knees were covering the side vents?? Maybe this contributed to the problem.
            I changed my riding position (knees away from vents), and rode home from Lake George to Buffalo ~330 miles, stopping only for gas, with some spirited riding with no issues.
            I am not sure what happened, maybe someone else here could shed some light on this issue.